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HELLO. The great irony of having been a 'Grumpy Old Woman' on the telly when I was neither particularly Grumpy nor very Old is that having now reached my fifties I am, inevitably, a bit of both. And though I arrived well prepared there were still a few things about fiftyness that came as a surprise. If you'd like to know more about the evolution of 'Fifty Sense' — my womanifesto, if you will — then hop on over to the first entry (scroll right down on The Blogs page). If, however, you are a returning visitor then I thank you. I've been off the site for most of this year working on a new project, so it's now currently a holding page for my reviews and archive. Links abound. KATE x 
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The 25 Year-Old List ...


* Wanting a Nintendo Gameboy (while not quite getting what it's actually for...)

* Buying (and finishing) 'The Handmaid's Tale'

* Feeling a bit 'Parisian' outside a Cafe Rouge (with 'The Handmaids Tale')

* The Ayatollah issues a fatwah against Salman Rushdie . Scary...

* Jumping onto the Stone Roses bandwagon. There's  plenty of time...

* Wearing 'British Designer of The Year', Workers for Freedom

* Michael Keaton in Batman

* Nike Air Jordan IV

* Not going to see The Little Mermaid 'even if you  paid me... Oh, OK, you're paying me?'

* Disagreeing with Julie Burchill

* Del-Boy falls through the bar in 'Only Fools...'

Taylor Swift's '1989'

* ‘No, you absolutely cannot have another completely pointless Nintendo-whatever-the-fuck-it is* Anyway, how can you be nostalgic for Pokemon already? You’re 13? ’ (*it’s a 3DS XL)

* Buying (and not finishing) 'The Girl on the Train'

* Feeling insufficiently bearded in Meat:Liquor, with Twitter

* Via Twitter, Ayatollah Khamanei admits he's an #AvidReader of Tolstoy. Funny...

* ‘Who’s that guy we saw at Glastonbury?... No, obviously not AT Glastonbury, I mean being interviewed by Jo Whiley—on BBC2, at Glastonbury. OK. No, maybe it’s not him...

No, not him out of Elbow — the one we saw on Jools Holland. Oh, right—they were a BAND, were they? Yeeees! Royal Blood!’

* Not wearing 'British Designer of The Year', Erdem

* Michael Keaton in Birdman

* Nike Air Jordan 1 *re-mastered*

* Crying at Big Hero 6

* Agreeing with Caitlin Moran

PS: In Praise of 1964...

Monica Bellucci/Juliette Binoche/Sandra Bullock/Kathy Burke/Tracy Chapman/Neneh Cherry/Lisa Cholodenko/Courteney Cox/Beatrice Dalle/Bridget Fonda/Melinda Gates/Jane Horrocks/Diana Krall/Sarah Lancashire/Courtney Love/Elle Macpherson/Gina McKee/Michelle Obama/Gaby Roslin/Nadia Sawalha/Liza Tarbuck/Marisa Tomei... and Sarah Palin (though she’s not invited to my Tea Party)

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