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  • Cara Moore (Wednesday, July 29 15 12:08 pm BST)

    Hi Kate
    I was delighted to hear you speak at your Graduation ceremony in Brighton on Monday - my son Laurence was graduating too. Your talk added an amusing real-life dimension to the ceremony and I have
    been quoting your "The potential of the future is more exciting than the achievements of the past" since then!
    I'd really like to connect further with you as my work with is all about empowering women to stick with their careers and build confidence, resilience and initiative, all of which
    you have oodles of! It would super to meet for coffee in London or Brighton. I very much look forward to hearing back from you.
    Kind regards

  • Jeanette Watson (Tuesday, June 09 15 11:03 am BST)

    Dear Kathryn,I refer to your article in Stella 17/05/15 and agree there should be more consideration and fashion for menopausal women. However, I would like to let you know that I have been suffering
    with hot flushes for over 20 years! I am now 69 and still flushing several times a day. I took HRT some years ago for periods of 4 years and 1 year, which stopped the flushes, but I was advised to
    cease taking this medication due to cancer risks. On the bright side, I am healthy, fit and active,still working part time in office admin,so if this is the worst thing I get, then that is a bonus! I
    just wish the flushes would stop!Kind regards, Jeanette

  • Mani (Friday, May 22 15 06:38 am BST)

    What a plrasuee to find someone who thinks through the issues

  • Sarah Wolf (Tuesday, May 19 15 11:00 am BST)

    Hi Kathryn and I wanted to say that we loved your article about the menopause. It came hot on the heels of an in-depth discussion in the office about why advertisers to the over 50s perpetuate the
    'little old lady' approach. We have a magazine called Osteoporosis News that goes to our members and it's bright and fresh and clean. But the advertisers (riser recliner chairs and the like) haven't
    changed their advert styles in donkeys years! Quite frustrating really. Would love a chat about a potential article if you are interested?

  • Guy Fletcher (Monday, March 09 15 05:06 pm GMT)

    Dearest Kate

    I love the new website.... Great work

  • lucy Darwin (Thursday, March 05 15 06:38 pm GMT)

    Refreshing! I like the things you like :) love the KF humour shining through and look forward to keeping up with the grand progress towards sixtysense...oh god another $!*€÷×?@ birthday beckons,
    shall we celebrate together? All love x

  • Michelle Garrett (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:29 pm GMT)

    This is great, what a brilliant idea. Will definitely be a keen reader here. 1964 the BEST vintage! (esp 24th July..)

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