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Hastings' Pier... From that, to this...

I'm a proud trustee of Hastings Pier in all it's newly restored glory. It has been a great re-imagined asset to the town since reopening in May — and (as they say) things can only (ahem) get (yes!) better...

Horoscopes by Neil Spencer

It's OK, there's no need to be embarrassed about your (off-trend, highly classified) horoscope addiction; come out and be proud. (Neil really knows what he's on about...)

Architectural models by 'Chisel & Mouse'

I LOVE C&M's exquisite plaster models of internationalarchitectural landmarks... and bought their 'Marine Court' (a wonderful Deco apartment building here in St Leonards-on-Sea)for my partner for his birthday in January. 


It's my favourite restaurant of 2016... and here's my Telegraph review to tell you why:




In urgent need of some deep 'hygge'? I know the feeling. This website is fantastic for great- looking, very affordable rugs. Your toes will appreciate it. 

I love THIS BOOK...

'We'll Always Have Paris', by Emma Beddington'

Emma Beddington's charming memoir is the perfect antidote to all the Paris/Brussels-related horror of the past few months. If you've ever dreamed of carrying off a Breton top, pedal-pushers and an air of opaque superiority just like a native (and, obv, failing), then this delightful book is definitely one to buy. Here's a link to Emma's fab blog, Belgian Waffling.

'Eligible', by Curtis Sittenfeld

The day I finished 'An American Wife' several years ago was the last time I recall feeling properly bereft at the end of a novel. Having spent the last three years (on and off...) writing my own novel about a prep school, I'm only now catching up with Sittenfeld's debut, (the excellent) 'Prep' from 2005. However, I CAN HARDLY WAIT for 'Eligible' — her much-praised contemporary take on 'Pride & Prejudice'.

'Starman', by Paul Trynka

My partner bought me a copy of this ('the definitive biography', allegedly, pubished in 2011) for my birthday earlier this month. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to read it yet (I'm still in mourning), but now I'm halfway through and... it's great. Not too alienatingly muso, it's also packed with such riveting *insights* as (ahem) the alleged size of DB's penis in relation to that of Marc Bolan*.

Anyway, I hope Trynka is hard at work on an updated version...



(*Go on, you know you want to)

'Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently' by Steve Silberman

It's not new — it's been out in paperback since last Sept — however it's not getting any less brilliant, either. 

I love THIS TV...

BETTER CALL SAUL Series 2 - Netflix

Arguably even better than Season 1. 'Nuff said.

HOUSE OF CARDS Series 4 - Netflix

If I was being picky (and why wouldn't I be?) I'd say this is the least good series of HoC so far (in series 5, please write at least some redeeming qualities for some of the characters). Nonetheless, I can watch Robin Wright for, like, ever...


Not for everyone, I grant you, but this show actually made me cry with laughter. 


The only reason I mention this is because I actually met somebody who owns an actual telly and tells me they regularly enjoy watching it, but who STILL hadn't seen it...

(That wouldn't be you by any chance, would it?) 


A Confession: I'm still one series behind schedule... but if this isn't the best terrestrial show on US TV I'll eat Diane Lockhart's entire wardrobe... 

Desert Island Disco... (coming soon!)

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